Within Canada, First Nations and Metis communities play a crucial role in development of our Natural Resources.   Most of these communities are pursuing and achieving a greater share in the benefits and opportunities that come with being key players in our Upstream Oil and Gas, as well as Midstream Industries.

Hurland Services Ltd. has been helping our Clients with Proponent- led Indigenous Consultation for over 35 years, giving us one of the most experienced Indigenous Engagement teams in Industry

Crown/Traditional Lands

Since the release of the original Alberta Proponent Guide to First Nations and Metis Settlements Consultation Procedures, Hurland Services has helped our clients  navigate the process in a manner that ensures all parties are clear on the scope of the project, project prerequisites and correct interpretation of all guidelines and regulations. 

Our Experienced team has been able to facilitate successful symbiotic project success thru communication, understanding and cooperation. Whether it is thru Field Representation, or Consultation Administration our team is ready and eager to discuss your project needs.

Alberta Metis Settlements

There are 8 Metis Settlements in Alberta, comprising 512,121 hectares.  When industry has projects within these lands they have relied on our experience and collaborative relationships to complete same.

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC)

When Industry has development proposed on First Nations Reserve Lands, our dedicated team of experienced Surface Land Administrators and Project Managers have helped Navigate this Federal Regulator Approval process to successfully apply for and acquire the necessary Surface Agreements.

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