Welcome to HURLAND Services

Working together and in concert with key industry consultants the Hurland Services team leverages strengths across the spectrum to provide Hurland’s clients with integrated, viable and effective solutions for facilitating the public consultation, engagement and compliance processes while minimizing regulatory involvement.

Over the last 40 years we’ve earned thousands of solid client relationships by delivering exceptional results.

The Hurland Services Team of licensed Land Agents, Land Administrators and Consultation Specialists have decades of hands-on experience with all aspects of the Energy, Utility and Transmission Industries.

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Surface Land Administrators and Agents

Our in-house training program ensures every Hurland Services Specialist get in-depth training and Mentoring sessions. We are always looking for the right person to join our team and offer Competitive Compensation Packages, and a Comprehensive Benefit Package for full time positions.

Indigenous Consultation

Hurland Services has years of experience working with Indigenous Communities and IOGC to facilitate projects within Reserve Lands, Metis Settlement Lands and Traditional Lands.

Surface Land Agents

Hurland Services is a full service Surface Land Brokerage helping our Clients meet all of their Surface Land needs on Crown, Freehold and Special Area Lands.

Industries We Serve

Hurland Services Ltd. offers land services to a variety of industries. As each industry operates differently, we provide industry leading services to accommodate these needs, and ensure the success of your project. As a critical component of all land-based projects, we strive to establish and maintain positive stakeholder relationships.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Upstream Oil and Gas has been a vital industry in Alberta for decades. Hurland Services Ltd. has extensively worked in the oil and gas sector for over 40 years. Our experienced team and project management expertise allows us to provide our clients with effective solutions and time management strategies for projects within freehold or crown lands.


The energy industry is continually developing, and our experienced team of professionals are fully versed in land acquisitions and AUC Rules, and can accommodate your energy project needs.

Midstream Oil & Gas

Hurland Services Ltd. has years of experience in both capital and integrity programs relating to linear projects. Our experienced team of project coordinators and land agents can assist in the lifespan of capital projects from routing to identify areas of concern, liaise with construction staff, public consultation, acquisition and completion of project.

Municipal Applications

Hurland Services Ltd. can facilitate your public consultation and land management needs. Our team has a deep understanding of all aspects of stakeholder engagement and land acquisition to enhance services needed for your community. This includes Provisional Roadway and Registered Roadway Applications on behalf of Municipal Authorities, and related acquisitions for freehold and occupied crown lands.


With the increase in the demand for telecommunications infrastructure, Hurland Services Ltd. can provide project management, consultation and documentation for negotiations and site acquisitions. Our team of professionals will work with you to meet your goals, and can take your project from initial planning stages to construction.

Power Transmission & Micro-Generation

Our team of dedicated professionals have experience in consultation, negotiation and documentation, which corresponds to all your project needs. Our strong attention to detail ensures all government regulations are met.

Safety Registries