Company Profile

Our in-house training program ensures every Hurland Service Specialist gets in-depth training and mentoring sessions.

Hurland Services Ltd. was established in 1981 and is committed to bringing value to the Western Canadian Oil and Gas industry as well as Utility and Transmission Industries.

The Hurland Services Team of licensed Land Agents, Land Administrators and Consultation Specialist have decades of hands-on experience with all aspects of the Energy, Utility and Transmission Industries. This expertise is coupled with specialized training in mediation, conflict resolution, participation in Synergy Groups and Surface Rights Board and Alberta Energy Regulator Hearings.

Individually, Hurland Services Team members have played key roles in the formation of surface rights practices and are active participants on committees of industry associations affecting the Petroleum and the Utility and Transmission Industries. Each team member also brings a broad scope of reference in agriculture and related industry activities.

Working together and in concert with key industry consultants the Hurland Services Team leverages strengths across the spectrum to provide Hurland’s clients with integrated, viable and effective solutions for facilitating the public consultation, engagement and compliance processes while minimizing regulatory involvement.

Public consultation today plays a decisive role in the development of projects that affect the public interest. Mandated by regulatory bodies and a prerequisite to project approvals, the success or failure of the consultation process can significantly impact the timing, costs and ultimate viability of your project.

Professional Affiliations

  • Canadian Associate of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL)
  • Alberta Association of Surface Land Agent (AASLA)
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administrator (CAPLA)
  • International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA)
  • Alberta Expropriation Association (AEA)
  • Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society (AAMS)
  • ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA)